Frequent Asked Questions-

Listed below are a few common questions, if you still have questions or need any information about the event feel free to contact us. 

Chinsegut Conservation Center | 352-754-6722 or use the contact form by clicking on the Contact tab in the above menu.

What is a WEA?


WEA means Wildlife and Environmental Area.

These areas are non-hunting areas. These areas are protected due to their historical features or natural resources to preserve habitat loss. 

Can we hike the trails?


Absolutely! Enjoy hiking to the boardwalk that overlooks May's Prairie.

Please be mindful and stay on the trails and respect wildlife!



How long are the trails?


The trail to the boardwalk is around one mile. 

The trail around May's Prairie is just over 2 miles. Most of the trails consist of soft sand and uneven terrain. 

Be sure to pick up a trail map at the welcome table.

Are there other trails nearby?


Yes, there are two other locations nearby that are great areas to hike.

Big Pine Tract and Perry Oldenberg.

Visit the welcome table to find out more.


Is there a place where we can leave our things while we hike?

Unfortunately, there is not. Please secure any valuable items in your vehicle.


Can I bring my dog?


No, due to the nature of this event, dogs or any other pets are not allowed. 

Only State Certified Service Dogs are permitted at the event. Thank you.


Can I pack a picnic lunch?


Yes, feel free to bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy spending a beautiful day outdoors with your family and friends.  

Will there be food and drinks?  



Some awesome parents and kids from the Hernando High Football team will be grilling up some hotdogs!

Get a hotdog, chips, and a drink for a small donation. 

Is there handicap parking and is this event handicap accessible?


There are handicap assigned parking,  but the majority walking area of the event is on the grass.

How do I become a volunteer?


Great question, and thank you for being interested in learning more about conservation. 


For this event email Chinsegut@MyFWC


Learn about other volunteer opportunities during the event.

What's does Chinsegut mean?

Colonel Raymond Robins named the area “Chinsegut,” an Alaskan Inuit word that means “spirit of lost things.” Robins expanded the translation as “the place where things of true value that have been lost may be found again.”

What is this event for?

Chinsegut Wildlife Day is a public event that allows sharing information about Florida's amazing ecosystems and the wildlife that live within them.
This event helps to increase awareness as well as a way to provide an educational outreach about the importance of conservation in Florida.


When and Where is the Event?

The event is held at Chinsegut Conservation Center in Brooksville, FL on March 7, 2020.

Chinsegut Conservation Center
23212 Lake Lindsey Road

The event begins at 10 am and ends at 3 pm

What is conservation?



In general, conservation is the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them.


There are many areas that seed from conservation:





and even conservation photography.

This entire event is made possible by volunteers.


Thank you!

Know that you all are awesome.


Chinsegut Wildlife Day


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This entire event is made possible by volunteers.


Thank you!

Know that you all are awesome.


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