Wildlife and Nature Information and Education 

There are so many areas that surround conservation, from planting native wildflowers to exploring the Withalochee State Forest.  Check out these organizations and, businesses that do their part in conservation as well as learn more about how to keep Florida beautifully wild.  

  • Hernando Audubon

    Birding is becoming more and more popular as an outdoor activity for all ages. 


    Visit the Hernando Audubon table for more information on how you can get involved.


    Don't forget to take a birding hike!

    There's even one for the kids! 


    Check out all the hiking times on the activities




  • Florida Native Plant Society

    Are you interested in attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your yard?


    Stop on by the Florida Native Plant Society booth to learn more about planting native plants to attract wildlife.


    Make sure you go on the Native Plant Hike with Rita.

    The hike begins at noon!







  • Patio Pollinators

    We all love seeing beautiful butterflies gathering nectar from all those wildflowers you planted. But some people don't have the space for a garden, no worries!


    Join Lilly Browning from Florida Friendly Landscape to learn how to create the perfect patio pollinator planter!








  • Nature Photography 

    View some beautiful nature photography from our very own volunteers taken at Chinsegut WEA, Perry Oldenburg WEA, and other FWC locations.


    We'll share with you some of our favorite locations where you, too, can capture great photos of birds and wildflowers.


    Pick up tips and tricks on how to enhance your nature photography. 


  • Camplife Cooking Recipes

    If you love getting outdoors and enjoying the sounds and sights of wildlife, surely, you've built up a good hunger after a long hike.


    It's time to think of a quick, easy, and efficient way to cook up some grub! 

    Get some fantastic tips on outdoor campfire cooking and pick up simple recipes from the Not a Clue Adventures Volunteers.


  • Florida Nature Trackers

    If you love discovering a variety of different species in the wild or even in your own back yard, you'll love getting involved with

    Florida Nature Trackers!

    This is an awesome app for just about anyone.


    Learn more at

    Florida Nature Trackers





  • Volunteers

    Volunteers play an important role in helping many conservation agencies and organizations throughout the state of Florida.

    Learn how volunteering can help you learn more about wildlife and Florida's eco-systems!

    Check out the Volunteer Booth

    for more information.

  • Landfills & Recyling

     Just by reducing the amount of plastic and other materials can help save the environment. and can make a big difference in your community! 


    Pick up all the information on how you can learn more about recycling not only at home but how to get your schools and workplaces involved. 



  • Adopt A Road

    Do you have a business, organization or group? Do you get upset seeing so much litter on the side of the roads?


    Time to gather your groupies and sign up with the 


    "Adopt a Road" Program

    Not only will you help and beautify the environment, but you are also showing that your business, organization or group care about nature!


  • Monofilament

    Fishing is a great outdoor activity, however, at times can have a devastating effect on wildlife.

    See how monofilament (fishing line) recycling tubes and fishermen are coming together to help save wildlife.

  • The Age of the Forest

    Did you know you can tell when there was a change in the weather from reading the rings of a tree?

    Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating tree rings (also called growth rings) to the exact year they were formed.

    Learn how to count the rings of a tree and learn how to tell when there was change in their environment. 

  • All about Scat & Pellets

    Did you know that an owl regurgitates (coughs up through the beak) undigested food?


    Biologists can learn a lot about an animal just by examining  scat and pellets!


    They can tell what they ate, and if they are healthy or sick, which is important to a lot of other wildlife and plant species.

    Help our volunteers carefully examine owl pellets, just as if you were a wildlife biologist.


  • Leaving Tracks

    Wildlife create tracks when they travel, just like us when we walk on the sandy beach.


    Learn how to tell what animals are leaving tracks so that next time when you are out hiking you'll know what animal was in the area. 


    Don't forget to pick up a 

    Be an Animal Tracker

    activity sheet to see how many animal tracks you can find at Chinsegut.




  • Fossils of Long Ago

    Join volunteers as they help discover evidence of what was.

    There are many things that are buried deep in the levels of the earth that play an important role in understanding Florida's past ecosystems.

    See fossils remains from animals millions of years ago and see if you figure out how they came to be at their final resting place.



  • What Remains

    Animal bones, skulls and even shells are made out of calcium and rarely dissolve into the earth. 

    See a huge variety of skull, bones and shell remains and learn how wildlife biologist can tell their age as well as how they may have died.







This entire event is made possible by volunteers.


Thank you!

Know that you all are awesome.


Chinsegut Wildlife Day


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This entire event is made possible by volunteers.


Thank you!

Know that you all are awesome.


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