At Chinsegut Wildlife Day, there's more than just learning how awesome nature is. There are hikes, crafts, and other activities for everyone!

Stop by our Sign-up booth to let us know you if you will be participating in any of our hikes, and don't forget to pick up those super cool self-adventure activities!


Please keep in mind that guided hikes are suited for those who able to handle 1 to 2 miles of walking on sandy, rough terrain. Please wear appropriate footwear. Understand that these trails are in natural habitat areas where wildlife live. Be aware of your surroundings, view wildlife from a safe distance and stay on the trails.  

  • Hike to May's Praire

    Join our volunteers to take a hike to

    May's Prairie.

    Explore the wetland habitats as you venture through pinelands and twisted trails to the boardwalk overlooking  May's Prairie.


    Hike begins at

    10:30 am

    Time: Under an hour. 

  • Photo Hike

    Bring your camera and join professional nature photographer Alice Mary Herden for a photographic journey.

    See nature differently and creatively through the lens. 


    Photo Hike begins at

    11 am

    Time: Under an hour. 


  • Walk and Talk about Trees

    Join Arborist Ken Morgan for a 2-mile hike through the woods. Learn how to identify trees by the shape of their leaves and what trees are great to plant on your property to support wildlife.

    Hike begins at

    11 am

    Time: about an hour. 


  • Kids Birding Adventure

    New and exciting kids hike on

    Gopher Tortoise Trail. 

    Join Hernando Audubon in an adventurous search for the Seven Birds of Chinsegut.

    To all those young birders, this is an amazing story and you can help!


    Kids Birding Hike begins at 

    11:30 am

    Time: 20-30 minutes




  • Native Plant Hike

    Find out what and why Florida's native plants are important in different habitats and why exotic plants do more harm.


    Join Rita from Florida Native Plant Society Hernando Chapter on a small hike around the Butterfly Garden.


    Hike begins at 

    12 pm

    Time: Under an hour. 


  • BioBlitz

    This is how learning can be fun!

    Join Liz from Florida Nature Trackers to venture out to the trails. 


    Discover and document as many species both plant, animals and insects. 

    Join Florida Nature Trackers

    Bio Blitz begins at

    1 pm 

    Time: Under an hour. 


  • Advanced Birding Hike

    Join Birding experts Bev Hanson and Linda Vanderdeen from Hernando Audubon to explore the trails of Chinsegut WEA.


    Test your birding knowledge and learn  how different species of birds have different feeding and nesting behaviors  

    Birding begins at

    1:30 pm

    Time: about an hour. 


  • Swamp Hike

    Join our Volunteers to an exploration into the Wetlands.


     We are on the hunt to find as many creatures that live around the muddy waters.


    Hike begins at

    1:30 pm

    Time: about an hour.

    *Please wear closed toed shoes and note that participants may be ankle-deep muddy water.



  • Butterflies and Dragonflies

    It's the Wings Adventure challenge. 

    We know quite a few different butterflies and dragonflies that live around Chinsegut, let's see if you can find all the ones we put on the list.

    We also added moths!

    Pick up the list in the Activities area!




  • Be an Animal Tracker

    This activity is another one of our self adventure challenges.

    We have taken photos of different types of tracks that we found on the trails of Chinsegut.

    Some may be of animals or birds and even traces left behind from insects!

    See if you can find any of the tracks like the ones in the photos!



  • Be A Bear

    Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a Florida Black Bear?

    Well, now's your chance to 

    BE A BEAR!

    You will forge for berries, bugs and prepare for a winter's hibernation! 

    Check out some other cool things to do in the 

    Activities Area.


  • Nature Drawing

    Relax and let nature be your inspiration.

    If you love to draw, Chinsegut has some beautiful locations to draw as well as many other inspiring subjects.


    Show us your finished piece and we'll share it on our Facebook page.


    Journal and pencils are free for participants.

    (while supplies last)


  • Nature Selfie Map

    Get your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, or BFF's and show off your adventureness.

    Snap a selfie at each of the designated nature selfie spots to share on your social media site. 

    Don't forget to tag us! 






    Selfie by Tammy Walters Foxx

  • Kids Drawing Tree

    Kids who love to color this is for you! Choose from a huge selection of flowers or animals to color!

    Visit the activity area to pick up your coloring page or construction paper and let the young artist inside you be wild and free!


  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Want to venture and explore on your own?


    Pick up the Nature Scavenger Hunt list at the activity area.

    We set out and located some pretty cool things on the trails and we want you to find them.

    Are you up for the hunt?


  • Nature Challenge

    Do you think you can find 5 different species of  insects,  birds, and plants and 2 different species of animals 2 reptiles and 2 amphibians?


    Are you up for the Challenge?


    Visit the activity area to pick up your Nature and Wildlife log.

  • Where do I Live?

    Florida has a variety of ecostyems and within those ecosystems hundreds of plants and animals live there.

    Can you match up the where each of the wild animals and native plants to where they live? 

  • Animal Senses

    Wildlife depend on all their five senses! 

    Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight, Hearing

    Find out what animals have better of the five and what animals have just one.

    A raccoon’s most heightened sense is its sense of touch. It has very sensitive front paws and this sensitivity increases underwater.

  • A Closer Look

    Have you ever wanted to see an insects wing close up or to see how sharp a thorn really is?

    Get the chance to look through a microscope and see a closer view of nature beyond the human eye!

    Sometimes things look like they came right out of a science fiction movie!




  • Nature Gnome 

    Kids, it seems that six woodland gnomes have decided to play a game of hide and seek, and it's up to you to find them.
    Grab the map and a compass at the activities booth and see if you can find all six!

    This game is a fun activity for kids and adults to learn how to use a map and compass!

  • Bee Garden Starter Kit

    Kids, this is a special Bee-wonderful activity for you!

    Just arrived... 

    Bee Friendly Garden Starter Kit!


    Parents, this is a great start to get your young ones learning about the importance of bees and what native wildflowers they need to survive in nature. 


    While supplies last!


  • Save the Bee

    It's all about bringing awareness to these important buzzing and busy little insects.  


    From Honey Bees to Sweat Bees, many varieties of bees help bring color to nature. 


    Show your support and share your knowledge by creating your own

    Save the Bees bracelet!


    While supplies last!


  • Coming Soon!

    Another amazing activity coming soon!


  • Coming Soon!

    Another amazing activity coming soon!


  • Coming Soon!

    Another amazing activity coming soon!


This entire event is made possible by volunteers.


Thank you!

Know that you all are awesome.


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